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Until recently, Aalbert Wildeboer, local butcher in Hollandscheveld (and Hoogeveen) used to slaughter livestock in his own slaughterhouse in the village, on Mondays.

Just like his father before him, he had to battle the authorities, i.e. the mayor, councillors, inspectorates, etc., about this practice. The Wildeboers were known for ‘resisting the regulating authorities' all over the province of Drenthe.

Three generations of Wildeboers are still working in the butcher’s shop today, but the slaughtering is no longer done there. That activity has been transferred to the city of Leeuwarden, to the most modern slaughterhouse in Europe, which was bought by Aalbert when it went bankrupt a few years ago, for 3 million Euro in cash, on a Saturday afternoon.

Here too, he has to battle authorities such as the Dutch Livestock and Meat Authorities about the nonsense of Mad Cow Disease tests and the unfair competition that it entails.

This photo series shows the pre- and after-slaughter handling of a cow, and particularly the sampling of the brainstem for Mad Cow Disease tests. A team of experts sent by these authorities were present to determine 'where things went wrong'.