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St.Willebrord, the "most criminal" village in the province Brabant turns out to be an “unusual" village of hard working people who like a clean and tidy place and are not afraid to show what they own.

An understatement,
especially when you see the
Roman Catholic communion.
It is a sort of a wedding.
"If it happens to be a lesbian I at least have had this" a mother stated.
Parents are being cared for by their children as long as possible. For the Netherlands with their many homes for the elderly, this is quite unusual. Dimphie for instance takes care of her mother Dientje. Dientjes legs have been amputated many years ago. Every Monday afternoon there is a dance meeting for the elderly. Chaplin de Bok, shepherd of this community for thirty years died of cancer of the lungs. In the middle of the church he sighed; "God dam it I am so tired". The village photographer who also worked in this community for thirty years took his last portrait.